16 Dec 2019 | 3 MIN READ

Why Drawing Lines On Your Photos is Such a Big Trend

Tatev Kyurkchyan

With so many social media platforms releasing the option to draw on photos via their online apps, you may be left wondering why that became such a trend in recent months. Hand-drawn designs on top of photos have been trending both in everyday social media stories and posts all the way to graphic design and high-end art. The trend isn’t stopping anytime soon since it’s expected to be popular in 2020’s graphic design trends

Adding a Touch of Personality

With the hundreds of thousands of photos being posted on social media every day, we already know the most common types of photos. These are: selfies, portraits, landscapes, outfit posts, food and drink, and many others. Scrolling endlessly just to see these same posts by different people can grow to be repetitive. That’s why adding the simplest personal touches on your photos can be the difference between a boring and eye-catching post. Even drawing thin lines to outline yourself or your food is enough to make the photo much more interesting than it already was.

A New Platform For Art

A new era of art is emerging by combining photography with illustrations. With everything becoming digital, it’s no surprise that artists are using this as a platform for creativity. Even if you don’t own the most expensive sketching devices, the available drawing tools in your smartphones or online editors are enough to get magnificent results.

Minimize or Maximize

One of the reasons that drawing lines on photos started trending is because of the spectrum of possibilities. Draw a few simple lines or an intricate design to give your photos a completely new meaning. It can be used to highlight or outline certain features of a photo in a minimalistic style. Others may take it to the next level by using lines to completely change the essence of the image.

Informal Advertising

To step away from traditional advertising methods, companies have started using doodles and hand-drawn elements into their advertising campaigns. Playful lines make the image look more informal and relatable to shoppers instead of coldly advertising just the product. This puts an emphasis on the mood that the product creates instead of just the glasses or clothing as objects. 

It’s Just Fun

At the end of the day, drawing or doodling on your photos is just a lot of fun, which is a good enough reason that everyone wants to do it. Within a few minutes, you can put your cat in a hat or draw stars and shapes on your photo ready to post online to share with everyone. With adult coloring books trending in the past year, it’s become a known fact that adding a little art and creativity to your day can be relaxing and stress-relieving. If you don’t always have pens and paper at hand, there are endless tools to let you sketch online. It all starts with a line and you choose how to turn it into a unique creation.