02 Mar 2020 | 6 MIN READ

Use These Tools To Become A Better Content Writer!

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To be a content writer, all you need is a text editor and internet connection to post your articles and blog posts. The previous statement is true, but why not benefit from technological advancement to write better, keep things on track, and increase your productivity?

I’ve been a content writer for over three years, and I can assure you that there are killer tools out there that make my job easier. Google Keep makes sure I’m getting everything done on time, Slack enhances my communication with my coworkers, and Google Trends gives me ideas for new posts.

I compiled a list of tools and services that will make you a better content writer!


Google Keep

google keep

Google Keep is a note-taking service that is available on the web and iOS and Android devices, just like all Google services. I like using Google Keep because I can personalize my notes by changing their colors and adding checkboxes, drawings, and labels. Also, you can add a reminder to your notes so that you can keep track of your deadlines. I guess that’s why they named it Google Keep: it helps you keep things on track! 



Evernote takes note-taking to a whole new level! It allows you to organize your notes in “notebooks.” So, if you are managing two websites, you can create two notebooks, one for each website. You can even create a notebook for taking notes during a meeting. Why carry around different notebooks when you can have as many as you want online?

Evernote also allows you to add checkboxes, create tables, and set reminders. You can also sync your notes on two devices. So, if you’re in the subway and remember that you need to check your notes for an upcoming meeting, you can look them up on your smartphone.

Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote

If you’re more into writing by hand than typing, then Microsoft OneNote is for you! Some people focus better when they are writing notes by hand, and OneNote’s ink feature is here to enhance your note-taking experience. Of course, you need a touch-enabled device, preferably a tablet, to enjoy this feature to the fullest. Use this to brainstorm and sketch your ideas.

Another feature that every content writer would find to be extremely helpful is the audio tool that lets you type as you record. Ditch the traditional notebook and recorder and go with something that will make your life easier.



My college to-do lists go to Google Keep, but the ones for work go to Trello. This list-making service allows you to be as organized as possible to increase your productivity. Divide your categories into boards and add notes in your cards. So, if you’re running a blog, you might want to have the following boards: content ideas, SEO, and marketing. I divide my boards into three parts: To-do, Doing, and Done. You can also add team members to track each other’s progress.



Via Slack

The best way to communicate with your team is through Slack. I’ve been using it for years, and I guarantee you that it makes organizational communication more efficient. You can send a message to individuals or channels. A company could create a channel for each team: content writers, marketers, developers, etc. You can even connect Slack to a wide array of apps that professionals typically use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, and more, to easily share files.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

otter voice meeting notes

Only writers know how difficult it is to interview people, and having to transcribe the interview later on. Fortunately, there’s an app that does the work for you. Otter Voice Meeting Notes is a voice recorder that automatically transcribes everything. You can even use it to take meeting notes automatically. If you find yourself unable to type, record your ideas using Otter Voice Meeting Notes, let it transcribe your audio file, then create a doc file for your content.

Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is my ride or die. I’ve been using it to save my files for five years now, and I can say with an absolute guarantee that it makes my life easier. Since everything is stored on the cloud, I can access my files whenever and wherever I want, as long as I am connected to the internet. You can use the sync feature to sync your files across all your devices and access them offline. Say goodbye to USBs!

Visual Content


You don’t need to have stellar editing skills to be able to remove backgrounds from images. Use Pixomatic to remove backgrounds in a snap! This photo editor is available on the web, App Store, and Google Play. Pixomatic also lets you do all sorts of creative edits, such as creating double exposure images.



As a content writer, I find myself using Canva quite often. This design platform allows you to create posters, infographics, reports, brochures – pretty much any type of visual content. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create beautiful designs, you just need Canva, an eye for details, and you’re good to go. I recently downloaded Canva on my phone to create Instagram stories, and it works surprisingly well. I suggest you give it a try!



Images need to load quickly to ensure a better user experience for your readers. If you want to resize your images, drag and drop them into Squoosh and resize them in a snap.

Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels


Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels are stock photography websites that feature millions of high-quality photos that you can use for free. I use them all the time for my feature images!




Using Grammarly is one of the final steps you should take before submitting your work. Grammarly is a grammar checker that corrects your grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and more. It detects mistakes that you might not have noticed! Needless to say, Grammarly is a tool that every content writer needs.



Transcribing video and audio files has never been more comfortable thanks to oTranscribe. All you have to do is upload an audio file or insert a YouTube video link. You will be able to control the audio player and text editor on the same page. So, you won’t need to navigate from tab to tab. You can even customize keyboard shortcuts to make the transcribing process easier.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary for slang words and phrases. As a blogger, you might want to stay ahead of the game and know the slang words that people are using. This is especially true if your content is targeted towards millennials and Gen Zers.


Google Trends

Google Trends

Experiencing writer’s block is unpleasant, especially when your job is to write. I’ve stared at blank pages numerous times, wondering what I should write about. You can take a stroll, watch a movie, or listen to music since inspiration comes from everywhere. But you can also use Google Trends to learn what topics are engaging people the most. You can see what’s trending per year, region, and language. You can even insert a keyword in the search engine and see how well or how bad it’s performing. Say goodbye to writer’s block!

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress. It helps you optimize your website to increase engagement.

Give these tools a try and become a better content writer! You’ll thank me later!