20 Apr 2020 | 3 MIN READ

Introducing Pixomatic’s Latest Tool: Low Poly

Pixomatic Team
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In need of an upgrade for your photo editing experience? We thought so too. That’s why we’ve just rolled out our latest tool on Pixomatic’s web editor: Low Poly Art. If you’ve never heard of a tool like this, that’s okay, because low poly has only just recently become widespread in photo editing. 

Low poly stands for low polygon, which is an image generated with a combination of small polygons, typically triangles. You may find this similar to our Mosaic tool, which transformed the image into pixels, or small squares. The interesting part is that low poly was typically used in 3D animations but now has transformed into a modern artistic representation. Now that you have some background on it, let’s look at exactly what cool things you can do with Pixomatic’s Low Poly effect

Portrait Art


Give yourself a futuristic new look by using the Low Poly effect on your portraits. By adjusting the size of the polygons, you can get a clearer image or go as abstract as you desire. The effect blurs out a lot of the details, letting you look like you just came out of a fictional video game world. If you don’t like the portrait photo as it is, you can edit it into your next photo manipulation or collage!

Creative Landscapes

If you’re a fan of experimenting with landscape shots and backgrounds, then you’ll surely find some creative uses for Low Poly. By setting the effect on a lower setting, your image will end up looking like a painting from a museum. Set it just a bit higher to get a crumpled paper effect or even go fully abstract by setting it on the highest level. 

Crystallized Patterns

If you look closely, the low poly effect looks a lot like crystals, especially if you use it on icy colored gradients. The shapes and colors are beautiful just as they are and don’t really need a portrait or landscape to shine. Use these patterns for your digital wallpapers, and why not, even in your branding.

Credit: TemplateShock

Low poly gradients are simple and modern but at the same time not boring. This makes it perfect to use in your personal or business branding. It can be a whole background or just a decorative feature to add a pop of color. 

Minimalist Design

Besides generating polygons on the entire image, selective low poly is used to emphasize certain items. While these low poly bottles are only 2 dimensional, you can still see the shine of the glass bottles which makes them appealing to look at. Components like this can be used in marketing campaigns or even directly in your branding. 

Animal low poly art, for example, is quite popular in logo design. The incorporation of polygons in the logo makes it more unique than just a flat 2-dimensional image of the same animal.

At the end of the day, low poly takes simple to the next level, without overdoing it. Use it to re-brand, re-create your favorite inspirations, and re-imagine your next creations.