05 Feb 2020 | 6 MIN READ

20 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $20

Marina Alojants
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With Valentine’s Day on its way, couples from around the globe will be looking for ways to please their partner. Are you trying to find a creative and thoughtful gift that would not leave you empty-handed for your future dates? It is time to look at a list of out-the-box and budget (under $20) gift ideas for your significant other.

1. Cooling wine glasses

Wine, ice cream and Valentine’s Day tend to go hand-in-hand perfectly, but, what if the wine you chose is best kept cool? The wine glass and ice cream bowl contain a cooling liquid between two layers of scratch and shatter-resistant glass. To keep the contents cold for 2hrs or more, just place the glass in the freezer well before your date!

2. Bottle Opening glass

Is your partner a beer or other bottled-beverage lover? Or, are they a beer lover and you don’t want to search for the bottle opener every time? The trick is to buy a bottle opening glass

3. DIY face mask kit

Skincare products make wonderful gifts, but, how do you make the idea look creative? An interesting solution is to buy a DIY face mask or lip balm kit. This way, the person will receive something useful but can also have fun making it!

4. Mini pancake maker

Waking up to the smell of pancakes is a blissful experience. The issue is, pancakes will not last long! To extend your partner’s happiness (and yours), present them with a cute mini pancake maker.

5. Bath gift set

A bath gift set may sound ambiguous because the contents tend to be assorted by the brand itself. Essentially, the gift set can contain anything from bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, soaps, candles, mist sprays, sponges, and so forth. You can visit a retail store or find such gift sets online.

6. Date journal

A ‘100 Things To Do’ scratch-off journal is a fun version of the ‘Days till Christmas’ calendars you may use in December. This time around, you scratch boxes to pick an activity for each date together!

7. Harry Potter Magical Beasts board game

Are you and your partner a Harry Potter fan, or want a fun date experience? Try the adventure-like Magical Beasts board game. If it is something new to try, it will act as a quality bonding activity.

8. Phone Projector

Watching movies is a classic date-night event. The smartphone projector is the perfect budget option, especially if your partner and you want to have a quiet movie time with the full cinema experience.

9. Beard groom kit/shaving kit

Does your loved one have a beard he takes extra care of? You can find fun and useful beard kits that will serve as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

10. Classic bathrobe

A classic, fuzzy bathrobe is a lovely gift for your significant other to show your care and keep them cozy on Valentine’s Day.

11. Shower speaker

A waterproof speaker does not seem like an item under $20, but a balance between quality and pricing can be found in electronics stores and online.

12. Candy bouquet

A sweet bouquet is a creative step away from gifting roses. While roses are symbolically synonymous with Valentine’s Day and the theme of love, candies make the present fun (and edible)!

13. Oxytocin necklace

Are you a chemistry geek? If not, then here is a fun fact for you: Oxytocin is responsible for human behaviors associated with relationships and bonding, otherwise known as the love hormone. You can now proudly gift a molecule necklace to your loved one!

14.  Crossbody Bag

A lightweight crossbody bag is the perfect accessory for long walks, travels, and attending crowded gigs that you may have in plan for the future. So, why not please your partner with something aesthetical and practical on Valentine’s Day!

15. Charging Hub

Does your loved one like to keep things organized but lacks something that could help them keep things in order? A charging stand is a multifunctional hub for charging several devices and even storing small items. It may not look romantic but your partner will definitely appreciate the thought!

16. Cozy slippers

A pair of cozy home slippers are always welcome on chilly days and dates. There is a large variety to choose from, and your partner is sure to appreciate a cute, fluffy, or even funny pair.  

17. Beer bouquet

Let’s say you want to get creative with the bouquet idea, but your partner does not like candy, what are the alternatives? Your imagination is the limit! You can easily make a DIY bouquet with customized items like beverages, snacks, makeup, tools, you name it!

18. Matching promise rings

Promise rings are touching gifts, perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can choose from many different ring designs, which are likely to be under $20. Otherwise, you can add a small amount to customize your design and make it even more special.

19. Cute bed set

For those of you who have already moved in with your significant other, you can add a personal touch to the most mundane items. Remember, romantic does not mean the gift cannot be humorous; your ‘other half’ will appreciate you as you are!

20. Name a star

Did you ever hear, or use, the phrase “you are the brightest star in my sky?” Well, you can now easily name a real star to honor your love for your partner! The purchase will not only register the name but also send a gift with the information about the star you chose and access to an AR image from your smartphone.

Wishing you and your partner a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and make sure to take a cute couple selfie!
On second thought, why not use this day as an excuse to simply treat yourself.